Anas Abu-Odeh

Ph.D. Candidate

I obtained my BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. During my time there, I became interested in materials science. I began undergraduate research under Dr. Jaime Grunlan’s group, helping a postdoc whose project involved creating flame-retardant nano-coatings for fabrics. I became interested in computational materials science, so I later joined Dr. Raymundo Arroyave’s group, where I mined literature data of stacking fault energies for a predictor of deformation mechanisms in austenitic steels, and later created a framework to design high-entropy alloys using a continuous constraint satisfaction algorithm and Thermo-Calc. At Berkeley, I have used classical interatomic potentials to model dislocation climb efficiency in FCC metals, and I am currently working on modeling the effect of short-range ordering on mechanical properties of FCC alloys.